Our Apartment

25 Aug

Like almost every building in Amman, our apartment is white on the outside.  The scientific part of my mind suggests that white has been chosen because it keeps things cooler (a very good idea in this part of the world).  The geologist in me reasons that everything is white because it is the color of the construction materials easily obtainable from the earth here.  Take your pick.

The apartment has three bedrooms (ok, all you people who said you wanted to visit us, we have plenty of space for you!), two bathrooms, a entry room, a living/dining room, and a patio out front.  It’s ground level, so we don’t have much of a view, but the upside is that dust doesn’t accumulate nearly as much inside when we open the windows to bring in the cool night air.  Also, Jeremy and Susie were the first (and only) people to live in it, so it’s in superior condition.

To the right is the entry room of our apartment.  Phillip and Jeremy have already enjoyed several conversations about Semitic linguistics.  They have both studied Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and of course Arabic.  To employ a southern saying, “They’re two peas in a pod.” Jeremy and his wife Susie have been renting this apartment but will be moving to a house with a better yard for their children at the end of this month.  Phillip and I have been staying with them since we arrived to Jordan.  Having American friends who know the ins-and-outs of life here has been a great help to us!  Thanks, guys, for answering so many of our questions and driving us around to various places!

Susie and I have several overlapping interests as well – a major one being cooking.  She introduced me to the 5-burner gas stove (below).  I never knew how great it was to have just one extra burner.  When Susie & Jeremy move to their new place, they’ll need to take their appliances with them, so Phillip and I found a stove to fit the space at a used appliance store for 180 Jordanian Dinar.  We tried it out, and it cooks great!

This is our kitchen which has a large window that can remain open all day.  In the morning and after about 3:00, there is a fantastically cool breeze that blows into this ground-level apartment.  The tile floors and stone walls keep it cool inside.  With a fan going during the day, there’s no need for air conditioning. The stove has the standard 5 burners, and the cabinets are a rarity in this part of the world – wood.  (How’s
that, Home Depot shoppers?)


One Response to “Our Apartment”

  1. Jenny August 26, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    I want to come visit you!!! Pray that I get a pay raise. ;)

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