30 Sep

We typically cook just a couple nights a week, and then eat left overs or sandwiches for meals that we don’t cook.  Since both Phillip and I are teaching 4:00pm-8:30pm three nights a week, we don’t get home until around 9pm.  Who feels like cooking at that hour?  Not I.  But, we are very thankful for the great kitchen we have to use when we’re up to it.

(I’m learning the names of some fruits in Arabic; I started my lessons this past week, so I thought I’d put this poster in our kitchen to give myself more exposure to the language in our English-speaking home. :)  Dad, we’ve also enjoyed the fact that our oven can bake cinnamon rolls to perfection!  Yum!!

During our first week in Jordan, we looked at 4 or 5 furnished apartments in the Jubeiha area near CGE.  Our goal was to find a clean place within a 10-15 minute walking distance to work/school.  The apartments we saw were either too small, too expensive, or the furniture was in poor condition.  Initially, we had planned to go with a furnished place, but after seeing the standard options available in our area, we changed our minds.  As you may recall, we stayed our first couple of weeks in Amman with some American friends in an unfurnished apartment (well, it was furnished with the things that they owned).  Our friends were planning to move at the end of August, and had several appliances that they offered to sell us if we wanted.  Short story short, Phillip and I decided to rent their apartment and just stay where we’d been staying!

The major pluses about our apartment is that it’s cleaner and newer than any other one we looked at AND the rent is less expensive than any of the ones we saw (except for a one-room studio, but we both agreed that was definitely too small).

I am proud of these gold, Arabian-designed curtains in our bedroom.  Last week, my friend Susie took me downtown to Italian street where you can walk into shop after shop of curtains.  Arab taste is different than mine (i.e., you won’t find most of the designs here in Pier One), but I decided to give gold a whirl… and I’ve decided that I really like it!

Having decided on an unfurnished apartment, we had to buy ALL our furniture and appliances.  I do mean EVERYTHING: a refrigerator, a stove/oven, a mattress, a bedframe, bedside tables, a closet (Jordanian apartments don’t have built-in ones), a dresser, a futon, couches, a table & chairs, a hotwater heater, a washing machine, lamps, light fixtures, kitchen utensils and cook-ware  and all the other little things you forget you have most of the time because they’re just sitting around your house.  There were several time during our first month shopping spree that I said to Phillip, “we have 10 of these in our basement in Atlanta.”  While it was a lot of work to have to start a new life & home from total scratch, I am thankful that we had the resources and the help of friends here to get settled.  We have experienced the easiest transition that I think could have transpired.  Thanks to all of you, our family and friends, for supporting us & keeping in touch as we live, work, and study in Amman.  Each of you is a Godsend.  We feel very comfortable in our home away from home.


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  1. Kevin Wade October 1, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    Awesome. Love the sweet tea!

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