New Baby (before you gasp, be aware that it’s not ours!)

21 Oct
Fred and Deb called us to come stay with their kids around 9:30 the morning that the baby came.  Deb’s due date was a couple of days earlier, so she was quite ready to go to the hospital and have the doctor break the water.  (Here in Jordan, parents can basically choose the date on which they want their child to be born.  The doctors will ask, “would you rather have the baby on this day or that day?”  Births to order!  They also said you have to pay all the fees upfront before being admitted to the hospital.  At Ferah Hospital — probably the best in the country — the total cost to have a baby is between $1000-1200 US!)  (Left:  Deb, Bradley, Weston, and the coveted legos the morning of Clara’s birth.)
The little girl, Clara Elizabeth, was born September 6.  She and Deb are doing well eventhough Clara was the biggest of all her siblings, weighing in at 9 pounds.  Her name was going to be “Clarie,” but Fred and Deb were told by an Jordanian friend that, “claire” in Arabic sounds like a donut (chocolate eclairs).  Good move not going with that, I thought.
The day she was born, Phillip stayed with the younger 2 siblings all day while I went to CGE to do new student interviews.  By the time I returned to the Tiedemann’s house, the older 2 siblings were home from school.  I called Phillip when I was on my way back to see how things had gone.  He said, “I’m still alive.”  haha!  He’s good with kids despite his stressed out comments.
Fred brought pizza back to all of us around 8:00 that night and then decided to spend the night at the hospital that night with Deb & the baby because they were understaffed with floor nurses.  So, good thing Phillip and I brought our comfies!  We set three alarms, slept on the couches and helped the older two kids off to school in the morning… we made lunches, got breakfast cereal out, yelled that the bus was here early, and everything!  It was quite humorous.  (It reminded me of my childhood when Beth, Joanna, and I missed the bus; Dad would drive us up the street to Krispie Fried Chicken’s parking lot next to the liquor store.  It was the last chance to catch the bus before Dad had to drive us all the way to school.)
In the video, Weston, previously the youngest Tiedemann, meets his little sister for the first time.  At first, he doesn’t realize she’s there; then he sees her and says, “I hug that baby.  Take picture that baby!”  A few minutes later he presented her with a toy — a platic muscle man action figure — to play with.  Priceless.

2 Responses to “New Baby (before you gasp, be aware that it’s not ours!)”

  1. philliprachelstokes October 21, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    The English teacher in me is driven crazy by the fact that the paragraphs aren’t separated in this post. There were internet farts throughout the time I was writing this. Please excuse the formatting. – Rachel

  2. Kevin Wade October 21, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    Great story! You guys are great with kids. I’d know!

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