fall, falafel, & friends

11 Nov

One of the nicest fall views we had in October was from atop the roof of our apartment building.  In our three months of living on the ground floor, we hadn’t traversed the 6 flights of stairs (nor the elavator) in order to see the roof until just a few days ago.  Unlike Georgia, there are very few deciduous trees in Amman, thus the colors of autumn are about the same colors as the rest of the year.  However, the 360-degree view from the roof offers a nice overlook of Jubeiha (our neighborhood), a corner of the University of Jordan’s campus, a couple of local mosques, the streets we walk everyday, and of course, our neighbors’ laundry.  The sunset is also very nice from up there.

The blue-domed mosque behind us is the one I usually refer to as “The Green Mosque” because at night, the minoret towers are lit with green lights — green is said to have been Mohammed’s favorite color.  This mosque is the one from which we hear the call to prayer everyday — five times a day.  The first one (around 4:30 am) doesn’t wake us everytime as it did when we first arrived, but it is loud since it is intended to wake everyone up.  Each call lasts about 2-3 minutes with a man’s voice singing something like, “God is the greatest (x4) I testify that there is no God but Allah (x2)  I testify that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah (x2)  Come to prayer (x2)  Come to success (x2)  God is greater (x2)  There is no God but Allah (x2).”  To the morning call to prayer, another line is added, “Prayer is better than sleep.”  (I know many who would disagree with this idea at 4-something in the morning…)

On the otherhand, FOOD can be better than sleep.  One of our favorite restaurants is “Abu Jabara,” about a 5 minute taxi ride from our home.  The first time we went here, at the recommendation of a friend, we sat down in the beautiful dining area, ready to peruse the menu and discovered that there were only two main options:  falafel and hummos.  “What, no MEAT??” I thought.  But I, like Job, had spoken too soon of things I did not know.  :)  We ordered and loved:

  • the falafel sandwiches (mashed, seasoned, and deep fried chickpeas)
  • hummos (creamed chickpeas with olive oil eaten as a dipping sauce for raw veggies)
  • foul (fava beans cooked down to a soft, soup consistancy, pictured in the bowl above)
  • a side of green olives, chili peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and mint leaves

Oh yeah, and every meal comes with as much “puffy bread” as you can eat.  See video.  Dad, this one’s for you!

Fall, falafel, and finally, friends.  FRIENDS!!  These are the people for whom we prayed before we ever stepped foot on an airplane to come here.  We are so thankful for our friends here in Jordan.  These ladies (L-R:  me, Susie, Yvonne, Deb, & baby Clara) are great people with whom I get to spend a couple of hours every Wednesday morning.  We take turns hosting; meeting in each other’s homes, we discuss life, encourage each other, pray together, and currently, we’re reading through a devotional called “31 Days of Praise.”  They are great women, and I’m so thankful for their presence in my life here.

Ironically, Yvonne is from the Chamblee-Tucker area of Atlanta (where Phillip and I lived) AND she and her husband used to own a piece of property on GA Hwy. 116 — about 2 miles from my parents’ house.  Joanna, they also own a house in Metter — not far from the Boro!  “It’s a small world afterall…”


One Response to “fall, falafel, & friends”

  1. Joanna November 12, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    Personal confession- I am jealous of you, R and P, and the food that you get to eat everyday! :) Yeah for fall, falafel, and friends. Isn’t it great to live amidst the answers to our prayers!

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