Jordanian Thanksgiving

5 Feb

Yes, I know this entry is very belated, but I really liked these pictures, so I wanted to get them on the blog anyway.  We celebrated Thanksgiving a week late with two other American families:  the Bullards and the Tiedemanns.   The Tiedemann’s daughter, Amelia, made place cards for everyone (below); that is exactly something that my sisters and I would have done when we were in elementary school!  I had to take a picture.

With a maxed-out menu and limited cooking space, we decided to divide up the recipes and share the preparation.  Thankful point:  both of the other wives enjoy cooking, AND they’re from the south(!), so we made sure to have plenty of traditional foods.  Susie and I spent the morning in her kitchen, and finally loaded up the trunk of their car to head over to the Tiedemanns’ home.  (Jeremy drove extra carefully, and I don’t think anything spilled.)

Thankful point:  all the dishes were fantastic!!  There’s no way we could’ve pulled it off without collaborating — go, team!  The only thing we were missing was Granny’s creamed corn.  I thought of her (and Grandy, and all our Georgia/Alabama family) throughout the day.  Thankful point:  growing up with good family memories must be one of the most precious experiences in life.  (I missed y’all this time, family!)

While eating, we took turns reading humorous bulletin misprints (one of the Tiedemanns’ traditions) and got lots of good laughs.  After eating, it wasn’t long before the sunset.  There was no Thanksgiving day parade or football game to watch, but we enjoyed letting the kids do a finger painting project.  They made hand-print Christmas trees and decorated them with finger-tip ornaments.

To close the evening, the six of us adults each took several slips of paper and wrote something we were thankful for about each person.  We read them aloud, and I think everyone was encouraged.  Thankful point:  having such kind friends and a caring community created within just 3 months of landing in a foreign country.  For those readers who don’t know the extent of my anxieties about moving to Jordan, let me take a moment and express to you that they were in fact severe!  (Just ask Phillip for further confirmation. :) )  Our thanksgiving celebration, however, was to me a reminder that God heard my prayers and knew how He was going to answer them — even before we left Atlanta.

May this example be a reminder to me (and a point of hope for you) that God is attentive to the details of our lives; He knows our worries and the challenges we face.  He promises His presence, and eventually, we will see some expression of His love in a very tangible way.  Thankful point:  having a loving Father who notices the needs of one woman in a world of billions of people.

Psalm 145:16  “You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”


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