First Letter to Kharis

31 Oct


Kharis Faith Lucas (my sister Beth’s second daughter) was born Monday, October 28th.  I wrote this letter to her to commemorate her birth and beginning.  Welcome to life, little Hummingbird!

October 30, 2013

Dear Kharis,

This evening, you are in Valdosta with your Mom, Dad, sister, and Nana. Uncle Phillip and I are in Austin, Texas. It is very far away, but we will come to meet you and visit you soon.

Today you are two days old, and I am so very happy that you have come to be in our family!

You don’t know any of us yet, but you will. We all love you so much.

This summer, we had a special party just for you at Nana and Papa’s house. You were still growing inside your Mom, but you already knew how to move and kick. Maybe you were dancing in there!

I made a cake (a ‘hummingbird‘ cake because that’s the nickname I’ve been calling you) and we decorated the room with pink and white flowers. Your Mom’s friends and their little girls came to celebrate with us. We talked about you and wrote special notes to you.

Kharis3You don’t know your big sister yet, but she has already been watching you and talking about you. Now, she calls you, “the bee-bee,” but soon she will learn to say your name. Eliana loves to play and laugh and read books. You will have so much fun together.

Your Mom and I and Auntie Jo are sisters. A long time ago, we were little girls like you and Eliana. We played, and laughed and read books together. It is wonderful to be sisters! I’m sure you will love having your own sister.

I was in Georgia the day before you were born. I was hoping you would be born while I was there, but you weren’t ready yet, and I had to go back to Texas.

On Monday, I called your Mom while I was walking to my class. She didn’t answer, so I thought that she and Eliana were busy. Later, I found out that she was busy with you! You were ready to be born, and you came quickly — only 8 minutes after your Mom got to her bed in the hospital!  I was so happy to see a picture of you on my phone after my class finished. I called Papa and Uncle Phillip to talk about you.

All day yesterday, I told my friends about you. I also told my students about you. They were very happy to listen to the story about your fast birth. And when they saw your picture, they all smiled.

Kharis2This evening you are in Georgia and I am in Texas. It is raining here and I am sitting by the window thinking about you. I am praying for your beginning in this life. You are healthy and you are learning how to eat and move your tiny arms, legs, and head. You have probably been sleeping in your Mommy’s arms. I can’t wait to meet you. I will sing to you and rock you in my arms while you are small.  And I hope that, when you are older, we will be friends.

love, Auntie Rachel


One Response to “First Letter to Kharis”

  1. Sharon October 31, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    So sweet Rachel, your a great aunt..Kharis is beautiful!

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